General Rules

General Soccer Rules

  1. All players must wear proper attire (uniform shirt and bottom, cleats, and shin guards.
  2. All games start and end with a hand shake.
  3. Game official decisions are final
  4. A team forfeits if it does not have enough players to start after 10 minutes from the start time. Coaches have the option of playing “for fun” once the forfeit has been confirmed.
  5. A coach can decide to play short a few players. However, the other coach can still play with his/her full team.
  6. Parents, coaches, & spectators are NOT ALLOWED BEHIND THE GOAL.
  7. During regular season, games can end in a tie. During the playoffs, games ending in a tie will participate in a shoot-out.
  8. Noise makers are not allowed during regular season, playoffs, or championship games.
  9. Parents, players, and coaches are expected to follow the rules. Referees can issue yellow or red card to any person in violation of the rules.
  10. Child’s original birth certificate may be asked for during the season.

– You must provide document before the start of the next game, if not, child will not be able to play until provided.


  1. yellow card = warning
  2. 2 yellow cards = 1 game suspension
  3. 1 red card = 1game suspension and must leave the field immediately